United in difficult times

Dear fellow citizens,
We hope you are and will remain healthy. As Realtors we are usually in our beautiful city and region every day, meeting a wide variety of people and learning every day what moves people and what concerns they have.

Nowadays, when events are turning every hour, we see great insecurity among the people of Burgas. You know us as brokers. But we are also people, fathers/mothers and fellow citizens. We want to best support Burgas with our network and our knowledge. Do you need contact with solicitors, notaries or have other real estate questions?
Simply contact us (phone, email, video conference) and let us support and advise you.

We can be helpful on the following topics:

  • Advice on real estate issues in times of COVID-19 and the situation in Ukraine
  • Tips on financial options to overcome real estate loans
  • Mediation with notaries or lawyers
  • Mediation to construction services
  • Shopping assistance for daily needs and pharmacy for individuals and the elderly

Very clear: Our help is absolutely free!

We are all worried. Jobs, social contacts and entire livelihoods hang in the air in this crisis. But now is the time to stand together, side by side and behind each other, instead of against each other. Selfishness or profit-mindedness have no place anymore.

Our Burgas is not selfishness. Our Burgas has power. Our Burgas stands together.

We are proud to be part of Burgas. We look forward to helping you.

Be alive and well!

Your Realina team

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